photo by Ingun

photo by Ingun

tirsdag 31. juli 2012

Barn Charm , Hverven gård in Norway

This building is fantastic!
There is talk of building from the Middle Ages.
Hverven, large farm in Stange, Hedmark, Ottestad at the station. 
The farm was first mentioned 1225.

Denne bygningen  er fantastisk! 
Her er det snakk om bygg fra middelalderen.
Hverven, storgård i Stange kommune, Hedmark, ved Ottestad stasjon. 
Gården er første gang nevnt 1225.

Restored and maintained with iron beams.
Imagine if more people could take care of the old houses.
Want to read more about the farm, it says here: Hverven

Restaurert og holdes oppe med jernbjelker.
Tenk om flere kunne ta vare på de gamle husene.
Vil du lese mere om gården, står det her:  Hverven

The main building of white brick.

The old barn in stone and the new in the traditional red color.

The view from the stone barn and into the village one summer evening

15 kommentarer:

Beth sa...

so great. i'm saying my favorite for the week. so cool. i love the stone work. so neat. (:

Kathy sa...

Absolutely amazing that anything built by common people would still be standing after hundreds of years. I suppose those beams are keeping the stones from falling.

Mari sa...

Oh my! What a fantastic old barn. I'm with Beth - it's my favorite too!

TexWisGirl sa...

these are wonderful! i'm so impressed that they were able to maintain and keep it!

Rose sa...

Oh, wow, this is a fantastic barn...I really, really love it. Love the new one, too.

Marco Alpha sa...

Hello Ingun,
Wonderful shots of this old farm.
Great to see this old walls of the building.

Greetings, Marco

Debbie sa...

WoW, i just love everthing about this place. the historic barn is so unique and beautiful, what a wonderful feeling to know it has been restored and cared for.

lush greens and an awesome view. so happy that you shared this with us barn lovers!!

Tanya sa...

oh wow, i love that stone building and it's so old, wonderful!

debi sa...

Oh the stories that barn could tell. Fantastic shots.

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky sa...

What a fantastic historic, brick barn. And I love the red one, too! Beautiful scenery.

Deanna sa...

Such quality stone work. So beautiful. The entire homestead, especially the view, is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Robyn sa...

Charming barn find Ingun! We don't see very many stone barns in South Dakota. It's neat that it is being restored and cared for.

Grandma Barb's This and That sa...

Wow what a fantastic stone barn and still standing after all these years. So glad they are restoring it. Beautiful scenery too!

Anonym sa...

Gorgeous, they're all gorgeous & I'd love to explore inside!

Thank you =)

Anonym sa...

I love that stone barn. The newer red one is nice, too; and the scenery in your last shot--breathtaking!