photo by Ingun

photo by Ingun

tirsdag 2. juli 2013

The flow in the river

Gudbrandsdalen, Norway

It will take some time before you can use this barn.
You can see how high the water went up on the wall

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Anonym sa...

What a beauty! Thanks for joining =)

Rose sa...

Sure is beautiful country surrounding that barn....really enjoyed seeing this.

Liva`s sa...

Hei Ingun !
Flotte bilder fra Gudbrandsdalen ! Godt å se at vannet har trekt seg tilbake - trasig med flommen som har herjet der !

Gode sommerdage tel dæ :)

Anonym sa...

Grandma Barb's This and That har lagt inn en ny kommentar på innlegget ditt The flow in the river:

Beautiful scenery! That must have been a lot of water to reach that high on the barn.

Twyla and Lindsey sa...

Such a gorgeous scene! Twyla

Sally in WA sa...

Beautiful! I love the reflection in the water. I hope the barn wasn't damaged by the water.